HYM 30 series
Table size : 1200 x 260 mm
Longitudinal travel (X-axis) : 680 mm
Cross travel (Y-axis) : 370 mm
Knee travel : 400 mm




  • X、Y-axis drived by servo motors.
    X、Y-axis with linear scale (option).
  • The machine is suitable for vertical milling, angular milling, drilling, tapping, boring, die sinking and jig boring.
  • The spindle is driven by high quality V-belt, featuring high tensile strength, excellent flexibility, minimum elongation, minimum slipping, positive transmission and long service life.
  • Gears in the milling head are manufactured from high quality Chrome Molybdenum alloy steel carburization treated and precision ground, providing maximum durability, high precision and minimum wear.
    ■ HYM 30VS
  • Major castings are made of high quality cast iron, completely annealed and stress relieved for deformation free performance.
  • Square slideways on vertical and cross feed, way surfaces are hardened and precision ground, assuring maximum rigidity and maintaining high accuracy in heavy duty machining.
  • Clutch teeth are hardened and precision ground for quiet running.
  • Digital lubrication permits for timed lubrication and oil flow rate adjustment.
  • Continuous speed change for automatic feed gives operation convenience.
  • Rugged construction throughout combined with extra wide slideways ensures maximum rigidity and stability.
  • The quill is hard chrome plated and precision ground. Head bore is honed to precisely fit the quill, assuring accurate movement of quill and maximum wear resistance.
  • The X-axis feed is driven by servo system. Mitsubishi AC motor drive permits variable speed change as desired, and also features rapid traverse function and MPG electronic handwheel.
  • The machine employs preloaded ball screw with double nuts. This assures high precision, high rigidity, no backlash, high repeatability, long life, high transmission efficiency and power saving.

  • Heavy duty NST#40 vertical milling head.
  • Spindle is manufactured from SCM-21 material, carburization treated, tempered and precision ground. Supported by class P4 bearings.
  • Forced lubrication system for gears, clutches and bearings in the milling head, for long service life of parts.
  • The major cast iron of FC-30 and FCD-45 is high tensil material (MEEHANITE), it is annealed for stress releaving, featuring anti-wearness and deformation free.
  • The table slideway, and top and bottom surfaces are tempered and hardened. Precision ground T-slots upgrade accuracy on reference planes.
  • Automatic lubrication to X, Y, Z-axis slideways and feed screws assures long parts life. Lubrication frequency is 60 minutes.
  • X, Y-axis slideways and gibs are coated with Turcite-B for smooth traverse and wear resistance.


Standard Accessories:
  • Service tools
  • Toolbox
  • Splash guard
  • Spindle downfeed depth indicator
  • Simple tapping device
Optional Accessories:
  • Cooling system
  • Coolant tray
  • Magnetic scale
  • Halogen work light
  • MPG handwheel
  • Table splash guard
  • Automatic feed on table Y-axis
Dimensional drawings:



Table size (OPT.) 1200 x 260mm (Opt. 1200 x 280mm)
T-slots (W x No. x Dist.) 16mm x 3 x 65mm
X-axis feedrate -
X-axis feedrate -
Z-axis elevation rate 1150 mm/min
Longitudinal travel (X-axis) 680 mm
Cross travel (Y-axis) 370 mm
Knee travel 400 mm
Ram travel 450 mm
Spindle speeds 75-3600 (16 steps) / 60-3600 Variable speed. (Limited 4050 RPM)
Spindle taper NT 40
Quill travel 140 mm
Quill feedrate 0.035 / 0.07 / 0.14 mm/rev
Spindle motor 2.2 kw (3HP) OPT. 3.7 kw (5HP) / 3.7 kw (5HP) Inverter motor
Quill diameter 110 mm
Head tilt 45° (R & L)
Spindle nose to top of table 0-530 mm
Spindle center to column 165-615 mm
Longitudinal feed motor -
Elevation (Z-axis) motor 0.75 Kw (1HP)
Coolant pump 125 W (1/6HP)
Lubrication pump (travel) 25 W
Lubrication pump (head) 13 W
Magnetic brake -
Size and weight  
Machine dimensions 2400x 1660 x 2410 mm
Packing dimensions 1700 x 1750 x 2150 mm
Net weight 1720 kgs / 1800 kgs
Gross weight 1850 kgs / 1950 kgs
Design and specification are subject to change without prior notice.